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Aish displays are used both in our own console systems and as display upgrades in third party consoles.

They have become the displays of choice for combat systems across the Royal Navy’s fleet, and are being retro-fitted into a number of legacy systems such as Sonars 2054 and 2076 and the Nautis Command System. Careful design and the use of the very latest Commercial Off The Shelf LCD matrices and electronics have resulted in screens that can present constantly-refreshed data such as sonar lofargrams without resorting to complex flicker-reduction circuitry.

Because every aspect of the electronics packaging – enclosure, bezel, internal metalwork, protective screen etc – is designed and manufactured by Aish Technologies in the UK, customisation to suit specific mounting arrangements or environmental conditions is relatively easy and cost-effective, making the Aish display range ideal for retrofits and special applications.

Aish Technologies use major established OEM LCD manufacturers as a basis for the displays that use quality components, and can guarantee good longevity of supply with early notification of end-of-life. This provides (a) a good baseline for ruggedisation and (b) less of an obsolescence management headache for in-service displays.


  • Interface kits or modified fixings can be provided for upgrade applications
  • Superb picture clarity, with lifelike colours, wide viewing angle and good contract ratio
  • Fast response time alleviates brightness variations (‘flicker’) on screen refresh, particularly applicable to sonar displays
  • Based on COTS glass from industry-leading OEMs that provide a product road map and end-of-life notification, simplifying obsolescence management
  • LED backlights on some models, improving reliability, increasing contrast ratio, reducing power and wild heat output, and allowing dimming to zero
  • Touch screen available on most models
  • Sizes available: 8.4”, 12.1”, 18.1”, 21.3”, 24”
  • 8.4” and 12.1” sizes available as a Panel PC

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18 inch Display


21 inch Display

21 inch Display

21 inch High Resolution Display

21 inch high res display

24 inch Display

24 inch display



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