Customisable Enclosures and Electronic Cabinets

Our enclosures and electronics cabinets are in service in a variety of applications throughout the world in the toughest environments, from communications systems operating in desert conditions to combat management systems for submarines patrolling the deep oceans.

Although designed to fulfill different requirements, these enclosures all have one thing in common: they protect the delicate electronics that form the heart of mission-critical systems, day after day, without fuss.

This translates for Aish customers into confidence that the systems they deliver will continue to perform at their optimum, protected against heat, ingress, humidity, shock, vibration and electromagnetic interference, for many years. Customers that have placed their faith in Aish cabinets and enclosures include BAE Systems Mission Systems, BAE Systems Military Air & Information Systems, BAE Systems Submarine Solutions, BAE Systems Surface Ships, MBDA, Raytheon, Thales Underwater Systems, Thales Aerospace, Thales Optronics, Selex Communications and SEA.

High Stress 2

Many customers providing defence and security applications that use 19” rack-mounting electronics, either in sub-rack VME and Compact PCI form or as COTS units, have benefitted from Aish Technologies’ High Stress 2 enclosure system. This is a construction system of aluminium extrusions and steel corner brackets that builds into a rigid framework which, when clad in aluminium panels and doors, forms a light and strong enclosure that can be manufactured in a range of U heights and installed module depths. The build system has completed a full set of environmental tests, and the results from these can be used as a basis for read-across environmental qualifications, thereby reducing development costs.Cabinet configuration and internal fit can be tailored to suit specific applications and environmental requirements. This is facilitated by a series of ‘T’ slots in the extrusion that allow for infinite adjustment of telescopic slide and cable management spacing. Cooling fan trays and air vents can be positioned to suit the fitted equipment, and EMC gaskets can be fitted where required to meet the EMC specification. As with all Aish enclosures, we can provide any level of build from metalwork only to a wired cabinet fit to receive the customers’ electronics.Typical examples of Aish Technologies range of cabinets and enclosures are:

Communication Racks

A series of versatile rack designs that can include thermal and power management, TEMPEST separation and interconnecting signal cabling. The racks are designed to be reconfigured for changing communications requirements during the life of a vessel, and can be broken down for shipping through hatches, making them suitable for retrofitting.

Blade Server Cabinet

Designed to dissipate up to 7kW of wild heat via chilled water cooling, the Blade Server Cabinet overcomes the difficulties of housing a 16-blade chassis in a harsh naval environment in a compact package. The cabinet has been developed for vessels that wish to exploit the phenomenal processing power that blades can provide.

Specialist Enclosures

Innovative solutions for retrofits and difficult locations. Typical is the Common Cabinet, fitted to the Royal navy’s Astute Class submarine and designed to replace existing cabinet designs at 20% more capacity, 50% more heat dissipation and half the cost.

Transit Cases

In use with British Army, these versatile cases are constructed in aluminium with front and rear covers and a 19” rack framework suspended internally on AV mounts. Available in 4U, 6U and 8U sizes, the cases are customisable to match your requirements. We can supply anything from metalwork only to a fully-configured enclosure that includes all thermal and power management and signal cabling.

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