Virginia-Class Submarine, U.S. D.O.D. graphic by Ron Stern. (RELEASED)

We are delighted that the latest Virginia-class submarine has been delivered to the US Navy by boatbuilders General Dynamics Electric Boat (GDEB).

Aish Technologies has been providing critical equipment into GDEB for the Virginia-class submarine since the late 1990s. Since then Aish has played a pivotal role in developing, supplying and supporting Electric Boat and the US Navy in maintainability, engineering ingenuity and manufacturing capability. Delivering into a shipyard where the sheer quantity of requirements for submarines is so high is a challenge, and something which Aish has always risen to.

Virginia-class submarines displace 7,835 tons, with a hull length of 377 feet and a diameter of 34 feet. They are capable of speeds in excess of 25 knots and can dive to a depth greater than 800 feet, while carrying Mark 48 advanced capability torpedoes and Tomahawk cruise missiles. The nuclear-powered attack submarine (future name USS Vermont) delivered in April is the first of the ten-ship group of Virginia-class submarines known as Block IV.

Our Business Development Manager Matt Osler commented “the continual contractual support from GDEB for the design and manufacture of blocks 1 through 5 shows the confidence that Electric Boat have in Aish’s ability to deliver, not only on the current order-book, but further engineering challenges.

He goes on “Aish has a renowned and dedicated engineering and project management team, which is testament to the effort given in supporting a tough program, and it’s good to see another submarine delivered to the US Navy”.

Business Development Manager Matt Osler announces the MoU.


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