As we celebrate International Women in Engineering day, we gathered some of the women who work at Aish to discuss their experiences and highlight their attraction to the engineering and manufacturing sector.

Sarah Short is the Integrated Project Team leader for the Company’s Cathodic Protection product line. She is also Head of Contracts & Export and the Deputy Managing Director.

Sarah has seen a significant improvement in the progression of woman in the industry “There used to be very few women in the industry, but the sky really is the limit in this dynamic and challenging sector.”

Sarah manages to balance the demands of being a Mum to her two-year-old daughter, and being a high performing senior business leader; using flexible working patterns to great effect. Sarah highlights Aish’s inclusive culture as an attraction to the company. Sarah goes on to say:
One of the most important aspects of celebrating International Women in Engineering day is the impact it will have on the younger generation at school who may be considering Engineering as a career. It is vital for there to be role models across industry that young women can look up to and be mentored by


Carol Shaw, who joined Aish very recently as a Line Inspector offers a unique perspective from first impressions. She has worked in a manufacturing and electronics environment all her career and has been impressed by the professional environment at Aish. Carol believes that the culture and attitudes within a business are very important, and that they must drive the right behaviours. Reflecting on her first few weeks in the business, Carol states:

It has been a very positive experience and I am encouraged by the inclusivity shown across the business

Sophie King and Barbara Muro are both midway through the Aish Apprenticeship scheme. Sophie joined Aish having previously worked at Superdrug, and admits being apprehensive about joining Aish because engineering is a very different environment from retail:

It took me a little while to settle in, but, I am proud to work in this industry and I hope to continue my career with Aish as an Engineer”.

Barbara knew she wanted to become an engineer from the age of 8, growing up in her native Venezuela:

It was more accepted in Latin America that women take on these sorts of roles, so when I came to the UK and discovered the Aish Apprenticeship, this was perfect for me.

Juliette Oviedo is a Quality Technician, who grew up in Colombia, and studied for her Master’s Degree in Advanced Manufacturing in the UK. Originally trained as a chemical engineer, Juliette is one of very few women in the UK with a Master’s in Advanced Manufacturing and she was the only woman on her course at Portsmouth University during 2015-16.

Juliette has made some notable achievements during her time at Aish. In particular, she has transformed the performance of the business through a relentless focus on Quality Assurance.


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