We are excited to announce we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Australian design and manufacturing company APC Technology, which is being seen as a landmark agreement for the Defence industry in Australia.

The MoU, signed at the 2019 Pacific International Maritime Exposition, covers an agreement between the two companies to work in partnership, to drive the significant expansion of expertise and advanced manufacturing of so-called rugged computing solutions for Australia.

Through its partnership with Aish, APC Technology will diversify its product offering to supply a range of rugged equipment and systems, in line with the demands of next generation defence projects in Australia. Scott Begbie, Managing Director of APC Technology, said the commitment and sharing of expertise by Aish Technologies will undoubtedly aid in the transformation and growth of its South Australian operations.

Matt Osler, one of our Business Development Managers, was in Australia to sign the MoU on behalf of the company. He commented:

Our purpose-built facility in the UK has the facilities and technological infrastructure to carry out advanced manufacturing techniques. Partnering with a like-minded organisation such as APC Technology to achieve similar capabilities presents exciting opportunities for us in the Australian Defence industry”.

With the Australian defence industry expected to grow at an annualised 5.6 percent over the five years from 2018-2019, to $37.6 billion, development and investment is seen as crucial to ensure supporting businesses are capable of meeting the advanced requirements for the sector.

Our Managing Director Ric Elkington is delighted with the agreement with APC Technology:

This represents a wonderful opportunity for both companies and we look forward to supporting our new partners with our technological expertise. It comes at an exciting time for Aish, as we develop our capability in rugged solutions for the naval and military markets. Aish is looking to engage in similar partnerships in other key regions of the world, reflecting the global nature of the defence industry and Aish’s ambitious plans for further growth in the future.”

Business Development Manager Matt Osler announces the MoU.


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