Post Design and Legacy Support

As an established engineering organisation Aish has a solid reputation in the development and application of technology within our equipment. This is easily aligned to the support of in-service equipment.

This can take the form of post design and support contracts for our own products and Post Design Services (PDS) for third-party equipment. Aish runs a number of PDS contracts, supporting legacy Aish products and in-service equipment on behalf of the UK Ministry of Defence and the primes.

PDS activities generally take the form of task-driven solutions that include the design, manufacture, installation and documentation of modification kits required to maintain equipment in service and overcome obsolescence or modify systems to accommodate changed requirements. In addition, general support can be provided for documentation and handbook maintenance to general technical enquires arising from obsolescence.

PDS forms an integral part of Engineering, but its activities cross departmental boundaries and the Post Design Manager has the authority to fast-track activities to meet platform availability. An experienced survey team is available for on-site inspection and fault diagnosis, and a number of Aish staff are cleared for operations at nuclear-licensed sites and on nuclear platforms.

Our Post Design capabilities encompass the following:

  • Electro-mechanical assemblies: equipment racks, changeover switches, operator consoles etc
  • Electronics assemblies: legacy radars, compass retransmission units etc
  • Assessment and management of obsolescence issues within legacy equipment
  • Complete systems: cathodic protection systems, degaussing system

Our legacy support capabilities extend to repairing and maintaining third party legacy equipment even where little or no documentation exists. We can devise new test methods and jigs or re-engineer replacement solutions using new technologies.