Aish Technologies’ manufacturing operations are comprehensive and contained within our Poole facility, which has been cleared for storage of classified material.

We have made a strategic decision not to out-source manufacturing unless specialist operations are required. This allows us to retain complete control of all aspects of a project from design through to manufacturing, ensuring that customers’ delivery and quality expectations are met. We have invested in excess of £1.5 million over recent years on capital equipment to ensure that our production processes and facilities keep pace with emerging manufacturing technology. Lean Manufacturing Techniques have been introduced, initiated by the management team but implemented by shop floor staff themselves, and we are continually applying process improvements to drive out cost.

Production Engineering

The Aish Technologies electrical and mechanical production engineering department provides full support to both the manufacturing and design function, from the development of cost effective processes, jig and tool design to full off-line CNC programming of the Laser press, press brakes, mills and machining centres.

The department is fully integrated with Trumpf Trutops and Radan sheet metal solutions, plus Alphacam machining solutions. All packages incorporate the latest 3D software import tools to allow customer geometry to be imported and used to achieve shorter lead times.

The Production Engineering Team can advise on manufacturability and value engineering as part of the subcontract manufacturing process, enabling our customers to make savings by optimising their designs for production.

Sheet Metal

The sheet metal facility comprises a suite of Trumpf machine tools, including laser cutters and press brakes, that allow us to fabricate up to 25mm steel (including armour) and 12mm aluminium. These machines are complemented by deburring machines and a fully approved welding facility capable of MIG and TIG welding, spot welding, aluminium brazing and manual welding.


Aish Technologies has a versatile machining facility, consisting of Supermax, Matsuura and Hurco machining centres that give us three-axis capability up to 1600mm x 750mm x 650mm and 2,000kg.

All of the above machine tools can be programmed offline. The tools all have a high accuracy of repeatability that maintains product quality from the start of manufacture; all manufactured items’ programmes are stored in our secure facility in the event of future manufacture, cutting down lead time.

Paint Shop

This facility gives us the ability to apply both wet paints and powder coatings. The system comprise 2 spray booths with both low and high bake ovens. The largest high bake oven has a surface area of 3 metres x 3 metres. This modern paint facility offers Aish the ability to apply paint to any specification, be it high-bake stoving, powder coating or air drying, whilst producing inclusion-free high quality finishes.

Mechanical Assembly

The Mechanical Assembly Section is responsible for the detailed fitting and assembly of all mechanical products. The section employs highly skilled and motivated craftsmen, capable of completing complex assembly tasks with a minimum of supervision.

Electrical Assembly

The Electrical Assembly Department employs skilled people who work to the highest standards with conventional wires and cables and fibre optics. We hold an extensive range of calibrated hand and pneumatic crimp tools and cable identification equipment (list available on request). Production tooling includes an Artos cable cutter and stripper, and pneumatic strippers.

Electronics Assembly

Assembly of Aish Technologies’ own products, such as the Intelligent Battery Management System, PCI Processor Crate, ICCP Controller and Flat Panel Displays, means that the Electronics Assembly area is continually updated to maintain a class-leading facility, including two separate clean rooms for assembly of fibre optic cables and display glass. Lead-free soldering can be carried out where required for build-to-print contracts.

Quality Control

Quality is paramount to Aish Technologies’ output, and the Quality Control Department carries out test and inspection in a planned regime that dovetails with manufacturing processes to form a fully integrated production cycle.

The Test department carries a full range of ‘standard’ laboratory test equipment such as oscilloscopes, multimeters, function generators etc. In addition, the department is able to carry out more specialised testing, both in support of Aish Technologies’ range of products and to carry out full production testing and stress screening of build-to-print electronics assemblies, notably harmonics measurement and the facility for US naval three phase 60Hz supply.

Manufactured items are mechanically inspected at predetermined stages on their journey through the factory, from Goods Inwards to Factory Acceptance. All measuring equipment is maintained and calibrated in accordance with our ISO9001:2008 accreditation.

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