Engineering is the powerhouse that drives product development and innovation, pushing boundaries to provide customers with no-compromise solutions that fulfil their design requirements at an affordable cost.

The Engineering facility comprises a professional, multidisciplinary team who make full use of the latest modelling and simulation tools to define and refine their designs and to carry out ‘what if’ exercises and design-proving analyses.

Our Engineering teams maintain a close working relationship with customers to design cost-effective solutions that meet the user’s requirements; design proving and qualification is a key capability.

All Aish Technologies designs, from the vast range of rugged electronics cabinets in use throughout the world to low-signature ICCP systems fitted to the world’s stealthiest submarines, display the design pedigree of the Engineering team.  If we had to convey the Aish Engineering flair for innovation, experience and resourcefulness by singling out one product, it would be the award-winning electronics cabinet that has been chosen for the Royal Navy’s Astute Class submarines.

Due to recent growth we have acquired a new facility known as “The Technology Centre” this modern office and production facility provides the perfect environment for the engineering team to design and develop leading edge solutions.

Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering team has specialist knowledge in environmental protection, including the attenuation of shock and vibration, EMC and thermal management within consoles, enclosures and electronics assemblies. We use the latest CAD tools, including Pro-Engineer Wildfire, Pro-Mechanica, and Mentor Graphics’ FlowTHERM, to carry out 3-D solid modelling, finite element analysis and thermal analysis.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineers design and develop high performance power distribution systems and cable looms, using both conventional and fibre optic cables. Whole cabinet, cabinet suite and wired assembly cabling and power systems are designed with attention paid to EMC requirements and design for test and design for manufacture.

Using our state of the art electrical engineering CAD tools, we are able to incorporate changes quickly and accurately under full configuration control. Additionally we can export test files to automatic test equipment, yielding cost effective and accurate cable and assembly testing.

Technology Solutions

The Engineering team includes engineers skilled in the design and delivery of electronic and software systems, visit our technology solutions page here.