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Building on its heritage as the supplier of analogue VCS and CRT operator consoles for navies worldwide during the latter part of the 2th century, Aish Technologies is now the leading supplier of operator consoles to the Royal Navy, including Combat Management System and Platform Management System consoles for the new Daring Class destroyers, command system consoles for Trafalgar Class submarines, and the new Common Console, which will be fitted throughout Astute Class Submarines from boat 3 onwards.

Consoles can be supplied with up to four screens, in horizontal or vertical configuration, and with a number of processing options. Ancillary requirements such as KVM switching, touch panels and dedicated keypads can also be provided.

Triple Display Console

In use on the RN’s Daring Class destroyers, and configured for 3 main Aish displays of 18” and 21”, with desk options including a 12.1” touch input panel. This is a very powerful console that can host a number of networks of different security classifications at one station. Processing options includes up to 3 industrial form factor computers using passive backplane technology

Triple Display Console from Aish Technologies

Morpheus Dual Horizontal Display Console

Chosen for the RN’s Daring Class Platform Management System, the Morpheus Console is available with two 21” displays and a variety of desk options including twin trackballs and ‘shoebox’ enclosures for third party equipment.

Morpheus Dual Horizontal Display Console from Aish Technologies

Dual Vertical Console

Designed primarily for submarine applications, this console has been chosen for mission systems on the RN’s Astute Class submarines. Due to its versatility and compact size, this powerful console is suitable for all ship types and applications where space is at a premium. The electronics is housed in a sealed enclosure that allows the use of COTS electronics that would otherwise be proscribed due to the possibility of toxic fumes in the event of a fire.

Dual Vertical Console from Aish Technologies

Morpheus Single Display Console

This console retains the versatile desk options or the dual display console, but includes a suspended desk on which displays and processing is mounted, making it especially suitable for hard mounting or bulkhead mounting in remote locations. Chosen for the RN’s Daring Class Platform Management System.

Morpheus Single Display Console from Aish Technologies



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