Case Studies

Transit Cases

Aish Technologies has a long and successful history of supplying rugged electronics cabinets and enclosures for defence systems. These are in use in both naval and land systems, and have been proven in action in both services.

Aish Technologies also has an enviable track record in developing innovative solutions to difficult design problems: customers such as Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems Submarines and Raytheon have benefited from the Aish approach to problem-solving, with cost-effective products that add value to our customers’ systems.


These twin strands of ruggedisation and innovative design came together for the BAE Systems Insyte Project Team when they were unable to find an off the shelf rugged transit case that would satisfy their exacting requirements.


Calling on previous good experiences with Aish, BAE Systems asked us to assess the issues and propose a solution that fitted their needs. The Aish Engineering team got to work and representative prototypes were produced within six weeks; these were accepted and we were placed under contract to manufacture the initial tranche of cases. Since then, towards 1000 cases have been supplied, in a number of different sizes.

The transit case construction comprises an aluminium outer shell with front and rear covers. A 19” racking framework is suspended inside the shell via ant-vibration mounts, allowing either a 19” sub-rack or commercial off the shelf modules to be fitted. A configurable connector area is provided below the cover, allowing the equipment fitted in the case to run with the covers in place. Although designed to be as space efficient as possible, allowance has been made for running cables from front to rear.


Case sizes include 4U, 6U and 8U variants; standard module depth is 350mm. These sizes can be varied for future applications.

The cases have been designed for ease of transportation and deployment. Carrying handles that fold flush are provided, two each side, to enable a two-man lift. Ridges and corresponding indentations in the top and bottom surfaces provide a positive location for stacking the cases when in use and for storage and transportation. Strap-down or locking points can be provided for secure assembly of cases in transit or when deployed.

The cases have achieved environmental qualification for customers’ specific requirements. The designs can be configured for different environmental, EMC and TEMPEST requirements: please contact Aish Technologies to discuss these elements.

For more information on Aish Technologies Transit Cases, or any other product in Aish’s range of enclosures, operator consoles, flat screen displays and specialist rugged electronics, please contact us at the address below.